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A big help for little lungs

Our Story

Little Venn by SNUPPA combines clever design with innovative technology to provide a clean, filtered environment for the developing lungs of your baby.

Specifically created to guard against toxic fumes and air pollution, Little Venn is adaptable for any infant travel device whilst its airflow offers an additional cooling effect.

Woman using Little Venn on her carrycot
Baby with blue eyes chewing on a wooden block


A baby breathes in more air a minute than an adult
The average buggy positions babies at the level of harmful car exhausts
Air pollution increases poor lung development growing the risk of serious illness


Protection from harmful toxins and air pollution
Clean and controlled air quality
A healthy and comfortable environment
Giving your baby the best start in life
Little Venn on a carrycot

The Solution

An innovative carrycot cover that creates a clean environment to help protect your baby’s lungs.

Control the power and fans from your smartphone with a connected app.

Little Venn phone app mockups, showing controls for fan speed and turning it off/on